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Daredevil and Grace O’Malley – Rescued from a Meat Farm

Grace the dog

We pulled a couple of interesting dogs from Fort Worth… a sight impaired and deaf dachshund named Daredevil and a one eyed pit bull named Grace O’Malley.

Grace had a prolapsed right eye which was removed when the vet performed her spay. She also had wounds and abrasions to her ribs and abdomen. We named here Grace O’Malley after the famous pirate because they have matching missing eyes!

Daredevil is a 4 mo old deaf dachshund with congenital blindness and demodectic mange.

There were 22 dogs. It turns out that this was a chicken and dog meat farm.

Daredevil the Daschund

Watch a video about Grace and Daredevil’s rescue below.

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