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So, You want to surrender your dog or cat to Animal Hope…

You will need to provide a picture or video of the animal, any information you have regarding the animal’s vetting status, age, temperament info, and a brief explanation as to why you are needing to rehome the animal. 

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As what many people call a “no kill” shelter, we can guarantee that any animals surrendered to us will not be euthanized absent a bite risk or unmanageable medical condition that affects their quality of life. All intakes into our program receive a full medical exam, laboratory panel, intestinal parasite screen, bloodborne parasite screen, and treatment of any existing conditions we identify.While in our facility, all dogs go outside (with other dogs) at least four times daily to ensure they receive stimulation and socialization while waiting for their new home. If an animal develops an illness while under our care, they receive medical treatment at our partner hospital.

Our average time on shelter (before finding a new home) is less than 2 weeks for dogs and less than 3 weeks for cats.

We may require a wait time before bringing your animal into our system, which can range from a day or two for small dogs to several weeks for large dogs.

We do not accept surrenders that have a bite history or exhibit animal aggression.

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