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Eva: PTSD Service Dog Rescued From Korean Meat Trade

Rose, now Eva, went on a remarkable journey from a cage behind a restaurant in Korea to being placed as a PTSD service dog in America’s heartland.
Dogs play an important role in our day-to-day lives even if they’re not specifically trained for it, but Eva has overcome humble beginnings and past trauma to help someone live their life without fear.
Eva lived in a cage behind a restaurant in Korea with her sister Lily. They contracted canine parvovirus, and were fortunately treated by Korean rescuers. While living in a shelter in Korea, Eva was attacked and injured badly by other dogs. Eva came to the United States in April 2021, and was trained as a service dog for an assault victim. The video below details her journey from Korean meat markets to the United States and into a home where she helps a trauma victim lead a normal life as a PTSD service dog.

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