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Edison: Deaf Dog Waiting 322 Days and Counting For a Home

Edison, black and white deaf dog waiting for a home.
Today, May 3rd is National Specially-abled Pet Day. Animal Hope is a big fan of the underdog, the pets that get overlooked because they’re different, and so today we want to share a picture of a long-term resident named Edison.
Edison has been with us for 322 days and is one of the best dogs in our facility. He never soils his kennel, never tears up his bed, knows the routine, and is always well behaved. But he’s a deaf dog, and that turns away a lot of potential adopters for some reason. 
While he wouldn’t do well in a home with small dogs or cats, he goes out in a playgroup with other dogs his size. it’s a shame that a minor disability has stood between Edison and a home for so long.
If you have room in your heart for a wonderfully behaved deaf dog, please contact us.

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