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Ying Needs a Hero – ADOPTED!

Ying's new family
Ying needs a hero
Ying going home!
Ying needs a hero! She has been searching for a home since October 25, 2020 (478 days). We originally adopted her out as a puppy, she was returned at 7 months old, was adopted, and then returned again when her adopter got a new puppy.
Ying doesn’t want to live with another dog, although we wouldn’t call her dog aggressive. She just doesn’t enjoy the company of other dogs. She loves people, kids included and had lived with a cat and livestock.
We made a video a few months ago to show what great manners she has. If you know someone who’s looking for a large dog, please let them know about Ying. We will even throw in a year’s worth of heartworm, flea/tick, and hookworm prevention with her adoption!

Will you be Ying’s hero? If you are interested, please contact us.

Update: March 13th, 2022

Ying just had her third birthday in January. We adopted her out as a puppy, she was returned at about 7 months old, was adopted again a year later and then returned once again when her owner got a new puppy. She has been here ever since waiting patiently on a home, but she has now spent almost two of her three years of life in our care.
If someone were open to giving her a home, we would cover a Proheart 12 injection (12 month heartworm preventative) AND next year’s vaccinations and annual labwork. We just think she’s too good of a dog to keep sitting at Animal Hope.
Below is a video of Ying on an outing so you can see how well-behaved she is.
If you know someone with a dog-shaped hole in their life, please let them know about Ying.
Update: March 19th, 2022
We posted Ying last week, saying she had been waiting over 500 days for a home. Her picture and story were shared over 50 times, resulting in her adoption! Your shares got her adopted, and we thank you for helping her finally find a home!

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