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Chagall: Pointer From Korea in Need of a Home

chagall pointer from korea
This is Chagall, an adorable pointer who arrived in Texas after a 14-hour flight from Korea this morning. Dogs Chagall’s size are considered pretty large by Korean pet dog standards, even though he’s a medium-sized dog by American standards. This limits his adaptability in Korea considerably.
Transport of dogs internationally is facilitated by kind-hearted travelers, called flight volunteers, that use their checked baggage weight allowance to fly dogs to new homes. Welcome to Texas, Chagall! He is searching for his forever home!

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Update: December 5th, 2021

Chagall, a pointer who came to us from Korea last month, has been cleared by our doctors for adoption. He’s a good boy and has done well with similar-sized dogs in the playgroup. He also lived with a bichon in Korea, so has been around small dogs, as well. He spent the last year looking for a home in Korea, and we would love to get him a home for the holidays! Contact us to adopt your new best friend!

chagall the pointer

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