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Seven Stray Puppies

stray puppies

Hey, 7 “stray” puppies! They just hopped off a freight train with their sticks and bindles! They were cooking beans over a campfire when someone found them, if you can believe it. I mean, their bellies are full of mama’s milk, but they were strays, that’s what the surrenderer said so it must be true.

We are being sarcastic of course. Someone should have spayed the mom, but they didn’t. Someone should have left the stray puppies with the mom once they were born, but they didn’t do that, either.

So now we will be up every two hours taking care of them.

Do better, Fort Worth!

If you’d like to donate towards feeding supplies and these puppies’ care, use this link and put “for boxcar babies” in the donation memo.

View our available adoptable animals here.

For more information, please contact us at this link.

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