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Buttercup: Goat Found Walking Down MLK Freeway

While we focus primarily on dogs and cats, we do take in other animals that tug on our heartstrings, like this sweet goat. This girl, who was found by Fort Worth Animal Care and Control walking down the Poly Freeway, is severely underweight, has hooves that are in terrible condition, and hind limb lameness.
The doctor took a look at her and says that the lameness is likely due to the hooves and bite wounds on her back leg. She’s received pain meds, antibiotics, and a hoof trim and we will see how she does.
Update: November 5th, 2021
10 days after Buttercup was found on MLK Freeway in Fort Worth with bite wounds on her rear leg, emaciated and with badly overgrown hooves, she is recovering well! She is now walking without a limp and putting on weight. Watch our video update below to see her journey with us so far.

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