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Titan: Little Pup with His Eyes Matted Shut

eyes matted shut
titan adoption photo
This poor little bag of bones was brought to us as a stray with his eyes matted shut. We checked him into stray hold through Fort Worth Animal Care and Control and then took him to our partner hospital. Upon clipping all the matted hair off they discovered that his eyes are in terrible shape.
He will probably require enucleation (removal) of both eyes, but he’s a pleasant little dog and we are going to do what we can for him.
Medical Update: February 5th, 2021
When Titan originally came to us as a stray, he felt like a bundle of sticks, with his eyes matted shut. Our doctor thought both eyes would need to be removed. He’s made a remarkable recovery, but he’s still blind. We will need to make an appointment with a boarded ophthalmologist to see if there is a treatment available to restore his sight. Watch our video below to see his progress so far.
Medical Update: March 4th, 2021
Our doctor has cleared Titan for adoption! As you can see in his before and after pictures he has come a long way in two months… we initially thought both of his eyes would need to be removed.
Dr. Morris says Titan is his favorite dog and he can’t wait to see a picture of the family that adopts him!

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eyes matted shut

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