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Obi Wag Kenobi: Victim of Animal Cruelty

obi wag animal cruelty
victim of animal cruelty
dog animal cruelty
Most animal cruelty cases we see are ignorance or neglect rather than malice. This puppy, who was named Snowflake (but we named him Obi Wag Kenobi), was definitely the victim of malice rather than ignorance.
A woman witnessed her son repeatedly striking the puppy with a closed fist, choking him, and throwing him against a wall (the perpetrator is now in jail).
The radiologist’s report says she suspects rupture of the body wall, fractures of the 5th to 11th ribs on the left and the 6th rib on the right, fractures of the dorsal spinal processes of the 1st to 6th thoracic vertebrae, possible tracheal rupture, and multiple pulmonary contusions. Despite what must be considerable pain cause by animal cruelty, his appetite is good and he’s super sweet.

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