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Tadpole – The Dog with Horrific Injuries

Tadpole the Dog with Horrific Injuries
This pup, who we named Tadpole, came into Fort Worth Animal Care and Control today with pretty horrific injuries. While he can’t tell us what happened, it looks like he may have been hit by a car as he has a degloving injury on his forelimb and road rash on his neck.
As bad as his leg looks, there doesn’t appear to be any nerve damage. So over the next month or so we’re going to be doing our best to get that leg healed up.
Despite what must be a lot of pain, he’s friendly, and a good attitude goes a long way! We expect a lengthy rehabilitation for Tadpole, so if you’d like to donate towards his recovery please follow this link and put “For Tadpole” in the memo line for your donation. Click here to view a video documenting Tadpole’s recovery.

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