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Nameless: A Starving Stray From Fort Worth Animal Control

starving stray

This starving stray came to Fort Worth Animal Care and Control in really terrible condition. He’s anemic, heartworm positive, covered in ticks, has demodectic mange, and is emaciated. He has been on his own for a long time.

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Update: June 6th, 2021

Dear Elie:
When we got you from Fort Worth Animal Care and Control as a starving stray, we put Nameless on your cage card because we didn’t think you were going to live. And then, when it became apparent that you weren’t going to let starvation, mange, skin infections, and heartworms beat you, your cage card still read Nameless because we couldn’t think of a name that kicked as much butt as you do.
We named you Elie because you’re a survivor.
You remind us that we have a lot to learn from rescue animals: to leave pain and trauma in the past and live in the moment; when you see someone hurting do what you can to take that hurt away; and to remember that even when things seem their darkest and you feel completely alone there is someone that wants to scratch your ears and squirt a spray can of Kong peanut butter in your mouth.
Be good to your new mommy, little buddy.
Animal Hope
elie named after holocaust survivor
elie adoption

Update: March 30th, 2022

Special dog for a truly remarkable adopter… we wanted to celebrate Elie today since we saw a cute update pic on his mommy’s Facebook.
It’s amazing to look at the transformation this dog has gone through in less than a year, and we think that’s really neat because his owner’s job is all about transformations. From starving stray to loving life! Way to go Elie, you’re looking great (even though you did something naughty right before this picture was taken)!
starving stray
starving stray
starving stray

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