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Eeyore’s Lip to Lid Transposition Surgery

charming cat with eye problem

We got this charming cat from Cleburne. What’s up with those eyes? Entropion? Some other physical deformity? We’re not sure just yet but we will get to the bottom of it!

Update: June 24th, 2021

Thanks to Dr. Cichocki and the staff at Texas Veterinary Ophthalmology, lots of generous donations, and Cleburne Animal Services, Eeyore had a lip to lid transposition surgery today to construct a new eyelid on his right eye and cryosurgery to correct trichiasis on his left eye.
Lip to lid transposition involves using the margin of Eeyore’s lip to create a new eyelid… it’s truly amazing what kind of interventions are available in modern veterinary medicine.

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lip to lid transposition surgery

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