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Rosie the Poodle – Rescued from a Hoarder

Rosie the Poodle

Rosie is an absolute bundle of joy!

She was rescued by a Good Samaritan from a hoarder situation.  When our Good Samaritan found her, Rosie was covered in urine and was a very sad little girl.  So she took her to a hospital, had her spayed, and we cleaned her up.

Rosie gallops everywhere she goes… the tail is always wagging and she just has an exuberant and joyful personality.  Every time she goes running through the lobby and stops at our “treat shelf” we can’t help but laugh.

She is a poodle or possibly a malti-poo, and has curly white hair.  She is absolutely tiny… right now she weighs about four pounds and she is a young adult so we don’t expect her to get much bigger.

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