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Miss Piggy the Dog

Miss Piggy the Dog

We’re thankful Miss Piggy the dog isn’t sensitive about her figure!

Miss Piggy was at Fort Worth Animal Control and was nearing the end of her time there.  She has a stumpy tail so no one could see it wagging and she was stressed out so her personality didn’t shine.

Since she’s come to Animal Hope, she’s really come out of her shell.  Come down and meet her so she can tell you all of the reasons she’d fit in great at your house: like the fact that she likes to lay on the couch, also on the rug, and on the bed.  As a matter of fact, Miss Piggy can probably find at least 50 places to sleep in an average-sized home!  She’s very versatile.

She’s super friendly and affectionate.  Come down and meet Miss Piggy!

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