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Jolene – The Stray Border Collie Mix

Jolene the Border Collie Mix

A board member at a national animal welfare organization contacted us about taking Jolene the stray border collie mix into the Animal Hope program.  She kept seeing Jolene prowling around out in the country near her house, and, unlike many of the feral dogs she would see out there Jolene would approach and accept play and petting.

Jolene was intact and had at least two litters of puppies over the years.  She appears to be a border collie mix and exhibits many classic “herding dog” behaviors… very high energy, loves play, and, boy, does Jolene love toys.  Her favorite games are ball and tug-of-war and she gets along fine with other dogs.

She does have some separation anxiety… she doesn’t want her human friends to leave her alone in her playroom.  However, we have found that some mild correction and a Thundershirt (a tightfitting garment made to alleviate obsessive and anxious behaviors) have helped her considerably.

If you’re looking for a high energy dog that loves playtime, Jolene would love to meet you!  She would be an excellent candidate for canine sporting events like flyball and agility.

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