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Two Dollar Tuesday

What is $2 Tuesday?

It’s not a happy hour special, it’s not a discount on tacos, and it’s not a special night at the Bingo hall.

It’s an opportunity for our community to change the lives of at-risk animals in our community (and the lives of the families that adopt them).

Two Dollar Tuesday 1Animal%Rescue

We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our community. We have done some incredible medical interventions over the last four years, but it has had a huge monetary cost.

From February 2015 until now, our basic medical costs (not counting vaccines, medications, and specialists, which we pay for separately) have totaled almost $1,000,000. Our veterinary services contract provides for a 50% discount from our partner hospital’s regular rates, and our medical costs are still almost $1 million over a four year period.

We’re asking for a small commitment from our supporters: $2 per week.

For less than your Netflix subscription, you can help change how animals in North Texas are rehabilitated and adopted. If that sounds like too little to help, consider that the longest journey starts with a single step.

Two Dollar Tuesday 2Animal%Rescue

Please click the button above to set up a recurring weekly $2 donation and start changing lives.