Animal Shelter and Animal Rescue About Animal Hope

Animal Hope opened its doors as an animal shelter on February 1, but existed in the form of two separate animal rescue operations previously.

One of those organizations was Tugg’s Pink House of Wuff, a 501c3 rescue organization founded by two municipal animal control officers… Kim and Blake Ovard.  Inspired by Tugg, a bull terrier puppy they found in desperate straits and who has since gone one to star in a comic

Make your next pet a rescue

Some animals need a little help before they can find their homes.

book, make appearances on the Rachael Ray show, Cowboy Stadium, and ComiCon among many others, and inspire others to not give up in the face of adversity.

The other organization was Animal Hope, a small animal rescue and animal shelter operated out of Animal Hospital Southwest.  As the municipal veterinarian for the city of Fort Worth, Animal Hospital Southwest frequently pulled difficult cases that the city was not equipped to treat and rehabilitate due to budgetary and time constraints.

From these organizations was born the Animal Hope animal shelter, an animal rescue focusing on rehabilitation and “second chance” adoptions.  Animals that are part of the Animal Hope program are those that are traditionally euthanized at other animal shelters: those needing to be treated for heartworms, those with upper respiratory infections, those with serious injuries or parasitic infections, and those that just ran out of time because of age, breed, or color.

Local city animal shelters contact us about animals in need because they know that Animal Hope will give adoptable animals another chance to find their forever family.  Animal Hope is not just an animal shelter, it’s an animal rescue.

Animal Hope strives to provide “on facility” animals with a different type of experience, including volunteer outings and enrichment field trips.  An animal shelter has to do more than shelter animals; an animal rescue has to do more than rescue.