Animal Hope Pet Adoption was founded to help the homeless pets in our community have a second chance at finding a permanent home.  You can read about the history of AHPA and the story of its beginnings below. The scope of AHPA offers low-cost spay/neuter services to the community to help stem the issue of pet overpopulation. Follow the link to find out more Animal Hope Spay/Neuter Program.

Is your pet a part of your family?  When you take your Easter pictures, do you comb the kids' hair, pick out their clothes, and then groom the dog?  

A lot of us feel that way  

Is there any way to describe the  experience to someone that doesn't share their life with a dog, or two, or  a dog, two cats, a ferret and a parrot?  I know the fact that when I get home, three of my biggest fans are waiting for me is something that gives me no end of joy.  And you know what?  They feel the same way.  

At Animal Hope, we're a little crazy about animals, too.  


Chewy enjoys a treat, and a second chance

Chewy is a male Chihuahua.  He was hit by a car, and brought to us very near death.  To be quite honest, we didn't know if Chewy would survive the night.  He was comatose, unable to eat, unable to walk, suffering from very serious and life threatening head and internal injuries.  Frankly, many, many animals in conditions similar to (and even more favorable than)  Chewy's are euthanized every day because their prognosis is not favorable, and treatment is expensive.  But we thought to ourselves, "Maybe we can do something for this dog.  Chewy went home with a technician every night, and through her ministrations and some aggressive medical treatment, Chewy regained consciousness, and the ability to eat with some assistance.  As he regained strength, he began walking again, eating on his own and is now fully recovered.  And so Chewy is one of our first Animal Hope stories, now.  Chewy found a new home with one of our staff members.



Red and Ditto the Duck relaxing in the yard

Then there's Ditto the Duck.  Ditto was just a duckling a few weeks old when we came across her.  Still covered in her yellow down, and not the least bit afraid of people, she was scheduled to be destroyed and we have a real fondness for our feathered friends (in addition to our fondness for furry friends).  So, we took her from the agency that was going to euthanize her.  


The question, however, was what to do with Ditto?  She was far too young to be released at a duck pond, or something similar, to take care of herself.  So Ditto went home with a temporary foster parent (me, actually) and was raised in a bustling household of a dog, two cats, and a semi-clueless human.  Eventually, an appropriate home was found for Ditto, with a creek running through the yard and an appropriately understanding canine companion (Red, pictured above).  Ditto's current owner is looking for a drake for Ditto because she's confused and thinks Red is her boyfriend!  

So, Ditto's another Animal Hope story.  

Are you looking for a pet companion?  We can't guarantee that we have what you are looking for.  But if you are looking for a pet, we would love to write another Animal Hope story.

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Celebrating the human-animal bond

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